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Our team, Kestas Mykolaitis and Virgis Norvilas. Two old men, who used to work in Lithuania decided to come back to web design market.
We work with HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, Java, JSPX, GIT technologies.
Kestas work experience in Java developer with 6 years, Virgis is IT teacher and web design freelancer with 11 years experience.
Our experience in web design and life can help you to create the perfect web page you always wanted.

Kestas Mykolaitis: back end developer
Virgis Norvilas: front end web developer

School information system project

New Project (Started at 2017)

This was a charity project. We have analyzed the needs of the school community
and implemented them by developing a school information system. Link to the to the student environment is here. Link for this project live here

Debtor outreach system project

Debtor accounting and outreach system project (2018.04 - 2018.06)

This is a closed company project. Our goal was to fabricate a system to monitor debtors, calculate interest on late payments, and inform them of accrued debt.

Countryside homestead

One of many web projects (2010 - 2017)

Link to project exsample is here

School website

school website project (2009.06 - 2009.08)

Link to project is here

We also work with projects such as: development of video surveillance system for banking operations, face recognition system, integration of electronic cashiers into the banking system, European monetary system.

Our former partners:

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